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Archive 3

  • Jenny, Qichi, Chris Duarte, Chris Johnson, and Silvia (from left to right) resting while attempting to climb Lone Mountain.
  • More resting on the side of Lone Mountain.
  • John riding the gondola.
  • Silvia, on the side of Lone Mountain.
  • Jenny and Chris playing disc golf in Montana.
  • More disc golf ...
  • Chris and John climb to the top of one of the skilifts.
  • 65 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the Bozeman Airport.
  • A squirrel that was in love with Jenny.
  • Jenny and Chris ride a metal deer we found while playing discgolf.
  • Jon, showing off his frito sandwich, topped with beef jerky.
  • John Savee eats a healthy frito sandwich.
  • John, Chris and Qichi at the Parade Ranch.
  • Action shot of Chris throwing a disc golf disc.
  • The boys on a picnic.
  • Why did the buffalo cross the road?
  • Jenny and Chris waiting to see Old Faithful.
  • John at Yellowstone.
  • Chris Duarte vs. a really big crow.
  • Jon comes in to assist.
  • You probably wouldn't want to drink this water.
  • Do not be like this boy!
  • A snake we saw hanging out at a river (bottom left side of picture).
  • Old Faithful.
  • Bob makes a speech at the Parade Ranch.
  • More Lone Mountain Climbing.
  • Lone Mountain peak.
  • John in front of Old Faithful.
  • John and Chris at Old Faithful.