Continetti Group

Continetti Lab Machines

Machine A

Machine A was the first apparatus in the Continetti lab. It has been used in studies of the dissociative photodetachment of O4-, dissociation dynamics of the triplet states of ozone and in studies of organic anions and radicals. With a new high-efficiency photoelectron imaging detector this is currently the instrument with the highest sensitivity for the study of dissociative photodetachment processes.

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Machine B

Machine B has been the versatile test chamber of the Lab since 1994. It has been used for pulsed valve and TOF mass spectrometer development, and from 2002-2008 it was used for studying the rapid expansion of supercritical solutions (RESS) of involatile compounds in CO2. Today it hosts pulsed valve and detector test chambers in it's vicinity

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Machine C

Machine C has undergone several changes since it was first built. Initially, the machine was used to perform coincidence studies of dissociative photodetachment (DPD) of anions, a technique pioneered in this lab. This is the apparatus where three-body dissociation processes have been studied, both by photodetachment and dissociative charge exchange of molecular cations with cesium. In 2009 the apparatus was returned to negative ion studies and the cryogenically cooled electrostatic ion beam trap installed, a configuration which is still in use now.

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Aerosol Impact Spectrometer (AIM)

The aerosol impact spectrometer - AIM - is the newest apparatus in the lab, currently under construction. It will allow hypervelocity impact studies of mass- and charge-selected aerosols and nanoparticles at incident energies up to 1 MeV.

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