Continetti Group

Group Photos

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Archive 1

  • At the beach (15 minute walk from lab) (From left to right: Sergey, Chris, Erik, Hans-Juergen, Khai, Bob, Andreas).
  • The newest addition to the lab, machine D. Joe, Sergey and Bob.
  • The machine A group (From left to right: Leah, Julia, Mark, and Runjun).
  • The machine B group (From left to right: Erik, Andreas and Chris).
  • The machine C group (From left to right: Khai and Todd).
  • Bob, Todd and Leah exploring the frontiers of science.
  • Khai and Andreas at the beach.
  • Safety first in the Continetti Lab!
  • Our group at the beach (From left to right: Todd, Leah, Bob, Julia, Khai, and Runjun).
  • Our group at the lab (From left to right: Bob, Julia, Leah, Khai, Jackie, Raymond, Runjun, Mark, Todd).
  • The machine B group (From left to right: Jackie and Raymond).
  • Leah and Julia at the beach.
  • Bob and Julia also at the beach (notice a theme here?).
  • Our fearless leader at the beach looking for the frisbee.