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Coincidence studies of dissociative photodetachment (DPD)

Machine C is the second generation photoelectron-photofragment coincidence (PPC) spectrometer. It has a crossed delay line neutral particle detector capable of detecting up to eight neutral photofragments from a single dissociation event. To date, it has mainly been used to study three body dissociations such as the dissociation of O6, O3(H2O), and OH(H2O)2 clusters.

If you would like to see some references for the work done on this apparatus, please go to our publications page. For a general description of the work done on PPC spectrometers, go to the Machines A and C page.

Shown below are two pictures of Machine C. The first shows the high vacuum region including, from right to left, the source, acceleration (not visible, but contained in the source region), and time of flight regions.

The second shows the ultrahigh vacuum detection region. In the center of the picture one of two photoelectron detectors, and on the left is the neutral particle detector.

More photos of Machine C can be found in the photo gallery.